Lubeca Marine Agency (HK) Ltd. is a German Shipping port agency in Hong Kong

Lubeca Marine Agency (HK) Ltd.

Evening Harbour Hong Kong - Lubeca Marine Agency Port Agency Service For vessels that have little business to attend to we are charging on the basis of each item a fixed amount. Be it a spare parts, crew changes, crew transits in Hong Kong for various visa applications, Cash to Master, etc. On top of that we charge only the actual expenses and overtime outside working hours.

Some of our clients prefer to be charged with a lumpsum fee per call plus a separate handling charge for each crewmember having been taken care of during a crew change. The lumpsum fee includes all other services i.e. clearance, dry-docking attendance, technical supplies, etc. Most of the services rendered are crew changes, Cash to Master delivery and Ship spare parts handling. A smaller number of vessels are attended during IN and OUT clearance, Dry-docking, bunkering, flag change, transit to China and for urgent supply jobs.

We would in any case suggest to give us a call or send us an email so that we can work out a tailor-made proposal for you:

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