Lubeca Marine Agency (HK) Ltd. is a German Shipping port agency in Hong Kong

Lubeca Marine Agency (HK) Ltd.

Hong Kong Container Terminal 8 - Lubeca Marine Agency Port Agency ServiceLubeca Marine Agency (HK) Ltd. is a German shipping port agency in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1988 Lubeca Marine Hong Kong has been concentrating to provide first class husbanding agency services for shipowners, managers and charterers alike.

Lubeca has a dedicated staff base, which is led by Mr. George Woo who is aptly supported by Mr. Vettel Wong.
Lubeca has its office situated in the Central district in Hong Kong, which is a very convenient location being close to the Marine Department, Harbour Immigration, other local authorities and several piers as well as the local airport access station.

Our staff is dedicated to provide top class quality services to clients and is ready for on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We have a proven track record with several European companies for reacting swiftly in troubleshooting during emergency situations. Very often we are able to avoid off-hire times and keep costs to a minimum by using local suppliers and repair teams instead of having them ordered from outside Hong Kong.

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